Sep 19

2014 Austin Fiduciary Summit – 401(k), 403(b), and 457(b) Retirement Plan Sponsors Gather for the Executive Summit in the State Capital

Austin, TX (PRWEB) August 21, 2014

Xponential Growth Solutions announced today that they will be hosting the Austin Fiduciary Summit. The summit focuses on empowering local HR, Finance and Business Professional plan sponsors with best practices and benchmarking tools to measure their retirement plan’s success.

“The ultimate objective of a companys retirement plan, should be that every employee will have the opportunity to retire comfortably one day. We get there through effective plan design, creating a retirement-centric culture that encourages life-long savings, and by avoiding the fiduciary pitfalls that can trip up well-intentioned sponsors,” emphasized Scott Hayes, President/CEO at ISC Group. Along with Hayes and Corby Hankins, the Austin Fiduciary Summit will feature a diverse group of speakers each discussing specialized aspects of fiduciary responsibility. Julliete Galegos, Attorney at Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP and Raul Rios, Partner at Padgett Stratemann & Co. LLP will be leading off the discussion. They will be joined by Sanford “Sandy” Leeds ESQ., CFA, Distinguished Senior Lecturer at the Department of Finance at The University of Texas at Austin – McCombs School of Business and Brian H. Graff, Executive Director/CEO of the American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries.

Topics of Discussion Will Include:

-What Every Fiduciary Should Know For 2014 & 2015

-Washington D.C. Legislative & Tax Reform Update

-Local Expert Professional Panel

-Behavioral Finance How to Improve Employee Outcomes

-Roundtable Discussion Initiatives & Focus Save Your People Sandy Leeds

-Case Studies & Success Stories – Insights from Your Peers

The 2014 Austin Fiduciary Summit will be the 12th stop of the Retirement Plan Roadshow and will be held at the University of Texas Club on September 16, 2014 from 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM (Lunch will be served). The 2014 Austin Fiduciary Summit is approved for 3 CPE/CPA Credits and 3 HRCI/SPHR/PHR/GPHR General Credits. Seating is limited and local plan sponsors will receive priority registration. Additional details and registration information can be found by visiting:

About ISC Group Incorporated

Our mission is to help our clients achieve a happy and secure retirement by guiding them to save enough money, invested appropriately, over their working years. We achieve this mission through effective plan design, innovative educational programs, and by fostering a retirement-focused culture within our clients employer-sponsored retirement plans.

Sep 15

Check City is a Responsible Lender

Provo, UT (PRWEB) March 09, 2012

Check City is wholly committed to providing quality services to customers. As part of this commitment to they have released a Responsible Lending Statement that details the policies, procedures and laws that they adhere to when providing short term financial services, both through their stores and online at Check City has developed the following policies to ensure that customers can feel comfortable and secure when taking out a short-term loan.

First, Check City is committed to respecting the privacy of their clients. All applicable and state privacy laws are followed in every Check City location and online by Check City has outlined their privacy policy on their website at . Customers can address privacy policy questions or concerns with any Check City Employee.

Second, the loans provided by Check City are intended for short-term needs. Check City provides short-term loans that can help any customer meet immediate needs. The loans that Check City provides are not designed to help customers in long-term financial needs. As a customer extends or refinances their loan, there will be additional charges added to the loan. Check City openly encourages customers to only borrow the amount they need and to repay that amount as soon as possible. Check City also encourages customers to compare the terms and conditions of the loans they provide with other loans that are offered to them. It is important to Check City that each customer finds the short term loan product that works the best for their, personal, financial situation.

Third, every customer that takes out a Check City loan will retain the right to rescind the loan within the first 24 hours of being approved. All customers can rescind the loan, with no charge, as long as the loan proceeds are returned. The terms for a this rescind policy are disclosed and described in every loan agreement.

Fourth, Check City is dedicated to being as transparent as possible. Each loan agreement discloses all of the terms of the Annual Percentage Rate, the finance charge and the total amount customers are required to repay according to federal Truth in Lending Regulations. Any late fees, returned item/NSF fees, ongoing interest is also outlined in each customers loan agreement. There are no hidden fees or hidden charges when a customer chooses to work with Check City.

Fifth, Check City works to ensure that each customer repays their loan. When a customer takes out a loan they will authorize Check City to contact them using either phone calls, emails or text messages. If a loan payment is not made by the due date, Check City professionals will contact the customer to remind him or her that it is time to make a payment. As Check City seeks collection of the loan they will abide by all governing laws in the state that the loan was taken out. The collections process is outlined in the customers loan agreement.

Sixth, Check City will never renew or refinance a loan without the express permission of the customer. Check City encourages all customers to reduce the principal of their loan by making early payments. This will potentially reduce the finance charges that the customer may incur throughout the time that they are paying back the loan.

Seventh, as a State Licensed Lender, Check City follows all applicable State and Federal laws that apply to their services and products. To provide legal cash advance loans Check City is dedicated to abiding by the Truth in Lending Act (TILA), The Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA), The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA).

Finally, Check City has ensured that all customers are able to get a hold of a Check City professional. Check City provides a toll-free number, email address and street addresses on their website at Check City is dedicated to quick responses to mail, live chats and email to ensure that questions are answered and problems are resolved

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Sep 12

Piedmont CA Real Estate Agent Broker Anian Tunney Comments on Credit Score Requirements for Mortgages

Piedmont, CA (PRWEB) August 19, 2014

In June, the average credit score for people granted a new mortgage was 755(1) on a scale of 300 to 850. While credit scores are not the only factor considered when considering a mortgage application, what lenders are requiring is well above historic norms and is causing problems for many would-be home buyers. In fact, the rate of home ownership for Americans younger than 35 is roughly 36% the lowest on record.

Homeownership is such a key component to a healthy economy; lenders cannot be so strict on credit scores at a time when everyone is recovering, commented Anian Tunney, a Piedmont, CA real estate agent broker. A persons credit score tends to lag behind their own recovery, Tunney explained, that does not mean they are not qualified for a mortgage.

Founder and Chairman of America’s Homeowner Alliance, a nonprofit group that promotes affordable housing, Phil Bracken agrees and considers the current level of homeownership (the lowest since 1995) a national problem.

Even the leaders of both of the country’s major credit score model developers FICO and VantageScore Solutions believe that lenders could reduce their credit score requirements with little risk.

In regions such as Tunneys part of the San Francisco Bay Area, about 35% of the home sales are all cash. Homes for sale in Piedmont, including 6 King Avenue offered at $ 4,950,000, require new mortgages. And, if people are unable to move up into such communities, there is a reduced market for first-time and moderate-income buyers.

Even though increasing the number of mortgages they make would stimulate home sales and job production, lenders are afraid to lower their credit score requirements, blaming Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who buy or guarantee most of the conventional loan market. Because Fannie Mae, Freddie Mack, and other investors required lenders to repurchase billions of dollars worth of defective mortgages in the past, mortgage providers are extremely wary of underwriting anyone without pristine credit. Another property for sale in Piedmont is 87 Sea View Avenue, listed for $ 5,250,000.

On the other hand, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac insist that they do not require a credit score anywhere close to 755. They do have a fee structure on the loans they purchase based on the credit score of the homeowner.

Basically, it comes down to who is paying the most fees, lenders or homeowners, remarked Tunney. While an abrupt opinion, there is likely some truth to it, given that the agency which oversees the two investors, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, is looking adjust the fees charged by Fannie and Freddie including those based on credit score.

About Anian Tunney, Broker Associate

Anian Tunney is an agent broker with The Grubb Company. According to statistics collected by East Bay Regional Data, Inc., she was the 2013 number one real estate agent in Piedmont, CA for the number of units sold and sales volume. Additionally, Tunney is always in the top two in yearly real estate sales for The Grubb Companys Piedmont, office. She is known for her knowledge, experience, and network in the Piedmont communityqualities which are invaluable for finding that special home or buyers for her clients.

A fifth generation Piedmont resident, Tunney has been with the Grubb Company for over 30 years. She raised her family of four in Piedmont and is active in community projects such as the Piedmont Beautification Foundation, the East Bay Museum Auxiliary, and the Piedmont school district. Her grandmother, Amy Sutton, was a real estate agent, and now Anian works with her daughter Adrienne Krumins, making Piedmont Realty truly a family vocation. Tunney negotiates with grace and clarity of purpose. She can be contacted at 510-339-0400 ext 217, and at tunney(at)grubbco(dot)com. Her website is

Contact Information

Anian Tunney

The Grubb Company Real Estate Brokers

Oakland, CA 94611

510-339-0400 ext 217



Sep 10

Talent War Return Predicted by TDn2Ks Latest Compensation & Benefits Report

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) July 31, 2014

The majority of restaurant industry corporate office employees received an increase in base pay during 2013, albeit at a growth rate of only 2-3%. Corporate compensation & benefits research released this week by People Report, a TDn2K company, indicates that this trend is expected to continue in 2014. During the recession, the percentage of companies offering raises dropped to around 70%. As the industry has recovered ,it has rebounded to 95%. Staffing managers are watching these trends closely, as signs begin to point to increased difficulty in recruitment of executives and knowledge workers with specific skill sets.

On average, 81% of corporate office employees received a base pay increase in 2013, a percentage that remains relatively unchanged from the previous year. However, evidence of that increased recruitment difficulty can be found in other forms of compensation being offered at the corporate office. A clear example of this being the return of signup bonuses for corporate executives. In 2014, 49% of companies reported offering such bonuses to their executives, an increase of 11% from what was reported for the previous year.

Companies are also tending to rely more on long term incentives as part of their rewards packages to aid in their recruitment and retention strategies. A significant 66% of companies reported having a long term incentive plan for their corporate executives and 49% for their corporate directors, a significant increase from the prevalence of these plans reported just a year ago.

Regarding bonuses, we have consistently found that at the management level and above the trend is for group performance to be the key criteria for measuring performance and not individual employee performance. Between 70% and 80% of the annual bonus an employee receives is based on group performance criteria. And it is typically those people that are ultimately responsible for a groups performance, be it an individual restaurant unit or the entire organization, such as restaurant general managers and multi-unit managers or corporate executives, to have a larger reliance on variable pay to deliver their total compensation, said Victor Fernandez, Executive Director of Insights and Knowledge for TDn2K, parent company of People Report.

The corporate job market is clearly responding to a tighter labor market overall. Corporate turnover is steadily increasing, hiring bonuses are returning, and executive compensation is increasing overall, not just in the C-suite. Economists currently peg full employment at 5.5% and predict that we may reach that point within a year. In the meantime, the competition for top talent is already starting to heat up.

TDn2K (Transforming Data into Knowledge) is the parent company of People Report, Black Box Intelligence and White Box Social Intelligence. People Report provides service-sector human capital and workforce analytics for its members on a monthly basis. Black Box Intelligence provides weekly financial and market level data for the restaurant industry. White Box Social Intelligence, currently in beta, will deliver unparalleled consumer insights and reveal online brand health. Together they report on over 30,000 restaurant units, one million employees and 45 billion dollars in sales. They are also the producers of two leading restaurant industry conferences: Summer Brand Camp and the Global Best Practices Conference, each held annually in Dallas, Texas.

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Sep 07

Business Juice Introduce Online Calculators for Electricity and Gas Price Increases

Birmingham (PRWEB UK) 29 July 2014

Corporate energy broker, Business Juice, is committed to helping companies save on their energy bills by getting them the best rates with contractual arrangements that suit their needs. Key to this is their strategy of open communication, helping clients to understand the energy market as well as the opportunity to save on their bills.

Now Business Juice has launched the first in a series of Energy Calculators so that companies can see just how much electricity prices have risen in their region since they entered their latest contract. The online device is designed to help businesses understand the scale of recent price increases in their area. From this which they can calculate the potential saving by switching to an alternative supplier and prioritise changing contracts when there is the opportunity to do so.

James Constant, CEO of Business Juice, explained:

Understanding the complex and volatile utilities market and making the right buying decisions can be a real headache for businesses; so choosing gas and electricity contracts is very often neglected.

Yet prices across the UK have risen sharply in the last few years and with diminishing natural resources, are likely to continue to do so. Our statistics show that a large business customer could save a massive 58% on their annual gas and electricity bill by switching suppliers which equates to

Sep 05

Mortgage Fraud Examiners Warns: Beware Of The Latest Foreclosure Rescue Scam–Securitization Audits

(PRWEB) March 27, 2012

With many homeowners facing foreclosure and looking for help across America, many worthless services have cropped up with such promises as mortgage elimination or other foreclosure tactics that in some cases are patently illegal. One commonly advertised service is a Securitization Audit.

A number of companies have been pushing forensic loan audits, aka TILA/RESPA audits. Since knowledgeable attorneys and homeowners recognize these audits are basically useless, the “wolves in sheep’s clothing are now peddling, securitization audits.

Mortgage Fraud Examiners Founder Storm Bradford explains: The supposed reason given for a securitization audit is to determine the true owner of a promissory note. Allegedly, with this information, the homeowner can show a court that the party actually foreclosing on a mortgage is not the actual note owner.

However, securitization arguments like, show me the note, assignment, MERS, robo-signing, and so on, generally amount to nothing more than just stalling the inevitable–the homeowner getting booted to the curb. None of these hopeless arguments changes the essential fact; the Court in a judicial state MUST give relief and remedy to the lender or assignee, because the borrower breached the contract. And in a non-judicial states, the private trustee implements a private sale to a buyer without a judges involvement. Nobody ever looks at the issues raised by the securitization audit. So only the uninformed would think a securitization audit could be anything more than useless.

Moreover, if homeowners and their legal counsel really had doubts about who had the legal right to foreclose theyd file whats known as a interpleader action listing everyone who might have a claim, deposit their mortgage payment with the Court, and let the lenders and assignees fight it out. However you never see that, since defaulting homeowners and their counsel really dont care who has the right to foreclose, so long as its not THE bank foreclosing now. Its just about stalling, and lining the pockets of pretender defenders.

As a result, knowing who owns your note is like knowing the earth speeds through the universe at 67,000 miles an hour, its basically worthless information. Nonetheless, as a courtesy to homeowners they can call us and wed be more than happy to show them how to acquire information about the owner of their note for FREE.

Gregory Bryl, a foreclosure defense attorney practicing in Virginia and Florida, explains: most securitization audits that I have reviewed are inadmissible in a court of law; they contain a mere opinion of a layman without personal knowledge (direct experience) as to what happened with a particular mortgage note after closing. Why pay a securitization auditor when you can have your grandmother provide an opinion as to what happened with the note and have her sign an audit report? In reality, in about 95% of all cases, the information supplied by a securitization audit is either already publically available, or it is unavailable to either the homeowner or the auditor. Thus, where a homeowner genuinely lacks this information, an outsiders opinion (in contrast to the banks admission) is unlikely to help.

Thomas K. Plofchan, Jr., an attorney in Sterling, Virginia, who employs the services of Mortgage Fraud Examiners, adds: Ultimately, the only real issue is whether a proper lien has been created with the house as collateral. It is astonishing just how many legal errors, contract breaches, and frauds, can be exposed by a meticulous examination of the mortgage transaction.

Matter of fact, in two recent cases we were able to identify and establish evidence to show the deeds of trust were void. The end result for the homeowners was receiving their respective homes free and clear. So, its quite clear, a thorough examination of the mortgage contract is the ONLY proven method to uncover evidence that could affect the validity of the lien.

Attorneys Bryl and Plofchan, like many attorneys are exposing securitization audits for what they are basically worthless. and

Bradford concludes: Undeniably, the only established procedure for a homeowner to obtain financial compensation or their home free & clear is through an in-depth analysis of the mortgage transaction, to identify legal errors, contract breaches, tortious conduct, to include appraisal fraud; and then attacking the loan based on those findings. Regrettably, everything else is just wishful thinking or a scam.

Mortgage Fraud Examiners is a project of Lex Consulting, LLC, for over 30 years, Lex Consulting has provided litigation support to attorneys, helping them break into new areas of practice, or providing specialized advice for complex cases requiring novel approaches to the law. Due to the housing crisis, Mortgage Fraud Examiners, a team of specially trained legal professionals, was created to provide borrowers and the legal community with comprehensive assistance to help them keep them in their homes.

Mortgage Fraud Examiners

Phone: 800-540- EXAM (3926)

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Two Top Alternatives For Student Debt Strapped Coloradans Revealed By

Denver, CO (PRWEB) August 10, 2014

Need to know how Coloradans are doing with debt? Interested in how Coloradans credit card debt ranks with the other 49 states? The simple answer is that Coloradans are having a problem with credit card debt, as the average resident owes $ 5,625, ranking it next to Alaska, which ranks first. When it comes to student loan debt, the picture is just as bleak as 52%of Colorado students graduate owing an average of nearly $ 25,000 on their student loans ranking the state 42nd in the nation.

While there are several reasons for this, the primary one is thought to be the cost of going to college in Colorado. As an example of this the total cost for an in-state student to attend the University of Colorado-Boulder is now $ 26,933 and to attend Colorado State University-Ft. Collins is $ 24,524. An in-state resident will pay a total of $ 18,743 to attend Mesa State University and $ 31,023 to attend Colorado School of Mines.

In response to this problem, the company recently did an analysis of the companies available to Coloradans that could help them find relief from their student debts. What found is that the top two providers of these services are National Debt Relief and SoFi (Social Finance Inc.) and of these two it ranked National Debt Relief as the best option.

One of the main reasons why National Debt Relief was ranked number one is because it operates in such an ethical manner. As an example of this, the company charges its customers nothing unless it can find them a better student loan repayment plan than what they currently have.

What can National Debt Relief do to help Coloradans trapped in student loan debts? As National Debt Relief spokesman, Paul Ritz, pointed out, When most Coloradans graduate from college they were automatically put into 10-Year Standard Repayment. Most dont realize there are six other ways to repay student loans, one of which could be a much better fit. What we do is analyze each of our customer’s finances and then recommend the repayment program that would best forher or him.”

The way that National Debt Relief works is that it first analyzes a customer’s earnings, financial situation, debts, family size, educational background, earnings potential and more. It then goes to the website of the US Department of Education (ED)and reviews his or her loan profile. National Debt Relief uses this informationto determine which of the different repayment programs would be better for that person. In some cases, it could be the popular Graduated Repayment program where the payments start out low and then gradually increase every two years. This repayment program can be especially helpful to people just starting out in their careers and who are not yet earning a lot.

Aug 31

LANXESS: New Rubber Production Line Opens in Dormagen

Dormagen (PRWEB) June 25, 2014

– EUR 18 million invested in production expansion for Baypren polychloroprene solid rubber

Innovative dry finishing production technology cuts water consumption and waste gas emissions
Two new Baypren variants added to portfolio
Annual production capacity boosted by 10 percent to 63,000 metric tons of solid rubber

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS has completed the expansion of its Baypren polychloroprene solid rubber production operations in Dormagen. Werner Breuers, member of the LANXESS AG Board of Management, and Jan Paul de Vries, head of LANXESS High Performance Elastomers business unit, officially inaugurated the new production line Wednesday, June 18.

It uses the innovative dry finishing production technology developed, tested and taken to the market-ready stage by LANXESS specifically for this purpose. This technology enables Baypren to be manufactured in a more resource-friendly way. LANXESS is also adding two new variants of this high-performance synthetic rubber to its product portfolio at the Dormagen site. The specialty chemicals company has invested some EUR 18 million in expanding production.

This investment is further proof of our leading know-how in the field of high-performance synthetic rubber, says Breuers. By expanding our Baypren plant, we are providing the market with new impetus and demonstrating our strength to our customers. The new production line also once again highlights our staffs impressive innovative skills and inventive spirit, he adds.

Innovative Production Technology

The innovative dry finishing technology now being used at the Baypren facility in Dormagen reduces the number of production steps and conserves resources when manufacturing the synthetic rubber, among other things by dehydrating the rubber in a special extrusion device. This means far less water is required, which also reduces the amount of wastewater generated. The natural gas previously needed to dry the rubber is no longer necessary either, so less waste air is produced.

As a result of the production expansion, LANXESS is also offering its customers two new Baypren grades under the names Baypren High Performance and Baypren Green Finishing. Both variants are manufactured on the dry finishing production line. Our new Baypren Green Finishing grades feature enhanced crosslinking, while Baypren High Performance benefits from further optimized flow behavior. These properties help increase the speed of the injection molding process for technical moldings and reduce energy consumption, explains de Vries. This results in significant economic benefits for our customers, he adds.

The existing production lines will remain in operation to meet the continuing customer demand for traditional Baypren grades. By expanding the plant, LANXESS is increasing its annual production capacity in Dormagen by some 10 percent to a total of 63,000 metric tons of solid rubber.

Baypren High-performance Rubber Highly Versatile

Baypren high-performance rubber grades are highly versatile and combine good resistance to weathering, oil and heat with impressive impermeability to gases. Applications include the automotive sector, where they are used to make windshield wipers, hoses, belts, seals, insulating foams and air springs. They also help ensure that no air escapes from the floats of dinghies and protect against hypothermia and injuries in watersports suits. Globally speaking, this LANXESS material is used to make nearly one in two protective suits of this kind.

Dormagen Center for High-performance Synthetic Rubber

With a workforce of around 1,000, Dormagen is the third largest LANXESS production site in Germany and one of the most important sites for synthetic rubber worldwide. The Baypren facility alone, which belongs to LANXESS High Performance Elastomers (HPE) business unit, employs some 250 staff. HPE is part of LANXESS Performance Polymers segment, which recorded sales of EUR 4.5 billion in fiscal 2013.

Further information about Baypren high-performance rubber grades is available at

LANXESS is a leading specialty chemicals company with sales of EUR 8.3 billion in 2013 and roughly 17,000 employees in 31 countries. The company is currently represented at 52 production sites worldwide. The core business of LANXESS is the development, manufacturing and marketing of plastics, rubber, intermediates and specialty chemicals. LANXESS is a member of the leading sustainability indices Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI World and DJSI Europe) and FTSE4Good as well as CDPs Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI).

Pittsburgh, June 20, 2014

Forward-Looking Statements.

This news release may contain forward-looking statements based on current assumptions and forecasts made by LANXESS AG management. Various known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors could lead to material differences between the actual future results, financial situation, development or performance of the company and the estimates given here. The company assumes no liability whatsoever to update these forward-looking statements or to conform them to future events or developments.

Information for editors:

All LANXESS news releases and their accompanying photos can be found at Recent photos of the Board of Management and other LANXESS image material are available at The latest TV footage, audiofiles and podcasts can be found at

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Aug 29

North America Smart Water Management Market is Expected to Reach $3.64 billion in 2018 – New Report by MicroMarket Monitor

(PRWEB) July 18, 2014

The climate has been changing across all geographies. Also, increase in urbanization and growth of infrastructure is leading to the depletion of various essential resources, especially water. Hence, there is an exponential rise in the need to conserve water and deploy advanced technological solutions to effectively utilize and manage it. This has resulted in the demand for smart water management services, which is at an all-time high, and this trend will continue in the near future. Globally, the total worth of the smart water management market can be approximated at $ 5.43 billion. This market is expected to grow to $ 12.03 billion by the end of 2018.

The smart water management market in the North American region was valued at $ 1.77 billion in 2013. Smart cities projects are on a rise in the North American region. Also, regulatory compliance is mandatory in these regions. Hence, there is huge focus on the upgradation of water infrastructure; leading to a higher demand for smart water management services. This market is predicted to grow at a percentage of 15.4% on an annual basis and eventually reach $ 3.64 billion by the end of 2018. Some of the major market players are Itron, Inc., Elster, Badger Meter, Neptune Technology Group, and Sensus.

Browse through the market data tables, figures and detailed ToC on the North America Smart Water Management Market.

Related Reports:

Latin America Smart Water Management Market

The Latin American smart water management market was pegged at $ 394.80 million in 2013.The need to conserve water resources is fueling the demand for technologically advanced water management solutions. Also, privatization is leading to higher foreign inflows. These aspects lead to the growth of this market. It is poised to grow annually at a rate of 21.5% and be worth $ 1.05 billion by the end of 2018. Inability to afford potable water can act as a serious restraint for this market. Itron, Inc. and Elster are the prominent enterprises that provide services in this market.

Europe Smart Water Management Market

The European smart water management market was valued at $ 1.73 billion in 2013. This value is projected to increase to $ 3.46 billion by the end of 2018. This growth is calculated to be 14.9% annually. The European Union has widely innovated and adopted advanced solutions in smart water management. A project has been implemented that would provide 80% of households with smart water meters by the year 2020. Companies with higher market share are Neptune Technology Group, Itron, Inc., Sensus, Diehl Group, and Elster.

Asia-Pacific Smart Water Management Market

Due to a political push and increase in privatization, various metropolitan cities in the Asia-Pacific region have started deploying enhanced technological solutions for the purpose of water management. For instance, Singapore is looking into Intelligent Water Management System (IWMS). Non-revenue water (NRW) is the only factor that poses a threat to this market. The total valuation of the smart water management market in the APAC region was $ 987.00 million in the year 2013. This market is forecast to reach $ 2.40 billion by 2018. The annual growth rate for the period 2013-2018 has been projected at 19.4%. Main industry leaders for this market are Itron, Inc. and Elster.

Middle East and Africa Smart Water Management Market

As of 2013, the total revenue of the MEA regions smart water management market was $ 548.60 million and this is set to grow to $ 1.50 billion by the end of the year 2018. The main driving force behind the growth of this market is the extensive push given by the various government initiatives being implemented. Also, countries in the MEA region are adopting advanced technological solutions for the purpose of water management. The calculated CAGR is 22.2% between 2013 and 2018. Itron, Inc. is the major service provider of smart water management solutions in this market.

About MicroMarket Monitor:

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