The Hoffman Law Group, P.A. to Help US Home owners

North Palm Beach, FL (PRWEB) Might 16, 2013

With much more than two million homeowners nationwide facing the possibility of foreclosure, a newly launched mortgage litigation firm aims to help these men and women fight back against unfair practices by banks and lending institutions.

The Hoffman Law Group, P.A., works with homeowners across the United States who could be struggling with their mortgage payments, dealing with an upcoming foreclosure or fighting against predatory lending. The firm aims to help its clientele by fighting on their behalf in Federal Court.

Millions of people in the U.S. have fallen victim to unfair and predatory lending practices which coupled with the economic downturn and job losses make it tough to pay their mortgages, said Marc Hoffman, lead attorney for The Hoffman Law Group. We are here to give a lot-needed relief to these homeowners, even though holding banks and lenders accountable for their actions. We can no longer sit idly by as a lot more and much more families suffer due to the irresponsibility of these big institutions.

The Hoffman Law Groups litigation group, which consists of seasoned attorneys, is at present operating diligently to hold a number of key US monetary institutions accountable. Litigators are pursuing these institutions for breach of implied covenant, promissory estoppel and fraudulent concealment, as well as violations of state customer protection laws, the federal Truth in Lending Act and the Genuine Estate Settlement Procedures Act.

Through its lawsuits, the firms legal group will demand mortgage loans that reflect good equity, decrease fixed interest rates, credit rating reinstatement, punitive damages and waivers on delinquent payments, interest and penalties.

Across the nation, organizations have stepped up to assist people facing mortgage and foreclosure concerns in a number of approaches, but we are one of the handful of that are taking on the banks straight, said Hoffman. By leveraging our encounter in this location of law, we aim to give a second likelihood to as many individuals and families as feasible.

The Hoffman Law Group is based in North Palm Beach, Florida. To learn much more about the firm, pay a visit to their website.

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